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About Sweden  

Did you know this about Sweden?
Sweden is a long and narrow country with over half of its area consisting of forest. Its total area is 400 times Hong Kong’s, and yet the population is not more than 9 million compared to Hong Kong’s almost 7 million. The capital is Stockholm with around 1 million inhabitants, the largest lake is Lake Vänern and the highest mountain is Kebnekaise with its 2,111m (6,926 ft). The form of government is constitutional monarchy (King Carl XVI Gustaf) and parliamentary democracy. The Parliament is called Riksdag and has one chamber with 349 members. The principal exports are timber products, paper & pulp, cars & trucks, machinery, electrical and telecommunications equipment, and the main imports are oil, cars, spare parts, clothes and fruits.

Swedish Inventions most people are unaware of
- the zip fastener (Gideon Sundbäck)
- the refrigerator (Carl Munters and Baltzar von Platen)
- the pace-maker (Rune Elmqvist), and
- the computer mouse (Håkan Lans)

Find out more interesting facts about the Swede’s favorite food, the Nobel Prize, the Vasa ship, Lucia – the Queen of Light, the Vikings, Swedish design, Swedish sports, music etc from the links below!

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