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25 Oct. 2019 Swedish film screening A FELIX HERNGREN Film
25 Apr. 2019 Talk: Learning Swedish in Finland: first language, second language, foreign language
20 Nov. 2017 Swedish Rainbow Short Films at HKU
20 Mar.2017 Swedish Film Week
28 Apr. 2015 The Role of Environment in Language Learning: Swedish inside and outside of Sweden
10-13 Nov. 2014 Swedish Film Week @ HKU
4 Nov. 2013 Mythical Muses of the Land of Ice
14 Mar. 2012 Norwegian Jazz Night with Excess Luggage
14 Mar. 2012 Talk: Reflections on the Nordic welfare model
9 Mar. 2011 Talk: Small Country - Big Brand
26 Jan. 2011 Talk: Dear Boss. How are you? Addressing superiors in letters
17 Nov. 2010 The Festival of Lights









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